Prepared for Action

Bond would be interrupted from a romantic interlude because of a message that it was important to see M. At the meeting point Bond would be given the mission by M and then as he would go out on the field, he would inevitably come across Q. Here Bond would be equipped with the pertinent […]

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Aspects of Leading

You can rely on Him, He is leading. It’s an ongoing challenge on a personal as well as a corporate level to appreciate how God is leading. Reading about the history of God’s chosen people and their ability to see shadows of Him leading and then essentially seek to replace His leadership with their own […]

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Giving Them A Reason To Join

Some thought he was mad for taking the opportunity. He was well set up with a good job in a vibrant city. Things were looking well for him to progress in a number of different areas. There were those who suggested if he had stuck around a little longer he would have been considered for […]

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Lost and Sent

Disorientation. Wonderful word. Use it in a conversation some time. The way you use it is when someone is evidently in a state where they don’t have their bearings, not quite in a place of knowing there they are going they are in a state of disorientation. Being lost as an experience brings about a […]

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A Word On Being Led

You ever come across someone outline something that takes place in a matter-of-fact kind of way and later reflect and actually wonder how on earth they did it? The Bible is good at that. All over the place things are recorded and relayed to us as though these are things that regularly happen. Take for […]

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Wisdom To Know The Difference

It’s one thing to be able to do something. It’s another thing as to whether you should do it or not. There’s this episode that takes place where a man gets healed and is so grateful that he offers a lot of lovely goods to the person who gave the healing. This person rejects the […]

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Delightfully Unexpected

There is a lot of negativity going around in that environment. It is as if a cycle operates with following key points. Something bad happens; someone highlights the bad that happened; someone else emphasises the highlights of the bad that happened; someone else chips in with analysis on the emphasised highlights of the bad thing […]

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