How Did You Get Here?

Are you sent? There is something inside of people that gets them to wake up at a set time, get ready for a set time and arrive to their place of work at a set time to work from a set time to a set time. For some the thinking behind it – money is […]

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True Story: Is It?

There was a time in my life when I really wanted to be a journalist. I loved the thought about being busy getting the news, reporting on it, writing about it and seeing it published. There was something really fascinating about that to me and it seemed to be the best use of my love […]

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What You’re Entertaining

They say it’s harmless. They say there’s nothing to it. It’s just a bit of fun they say. That works for them. Apparently ignorance is bliss, so what they don’t know won’t hurt them. Meanwhile that which they entertain makes subtle incisions into the mindset. Perhaps some things that were clearly unacceptable appear to be […]

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As The Story Goes …

“That’s not how the story goes, Daddy. Tell them what happened. Tell them the story for real, Daddy.” It was one of those occasions where I couldn’t quite muster up the energy to go through the situation as I had done on umpteen occasions previously. I had delivered a half-hearted and somewhat pathetic recounting of […]

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A Simple Expression

She says she prefers things to be simple. She didn’t like the drama and the fuss. She was not keen on the politics and the backstabbing. She didn’t want to be a part of the games that people played whilst still presenting a so-called united front. She had seen that and been part of that […]

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