About Changes and Choices

The choice is still up to you. The story is told of the relationship between God and His people. In that story there was a phase when they accepted Him as their King and accepted a number of judges appointed for disputes both internally and when faced with external opposition. The people reached a point, […]

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About A Constructive Approach

At least they are doing something about it. There was a reminder I got recently that it’s a good thing taking a stand against what is wrong. While that is important, it’s even better to make that stand on a platform of something worth standing for that’s right. It takes something to invest in the […]

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Something About Being Different

What’s the difference? There is something about growing up from a cultural heritage different to the one that is the majority of the area. There is something about that which marks one out as not belonging and so engaging in what it is that makes them different. Exploring the family heritage and noticing how that […]

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Son of Encouragement

One of the things I love in scripture is reading about people’s names changed. Yeah I love those moments. However the name was changed or whenever there’s just something about the name change that is like an establishment of an identity. One of the characters who got a new name was a Levite from the […]

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A List of Acknowledgements

who would be on your list of acknowledgements? A group of us was looking at what Paul of Tarsus wrote about in the final part of his letter to the church in Rome. The list of names there was quite something. It wasn’t even exhaustive. For all the names he wanted to be remembered and […]

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Alive and Risen

He suffered, bled and died. They saw it. They thought all hope was lost … But … There was victory in His death. For on the cross He took the sin of the world upon Himself so that peace could be made with the Father. It certainly did not look like victory to those mourning […]

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