Agent or Agitant for Change

(Yes there is a word in the dictionary – according to Oxford’s – called agitant! So there Mr Squiggly Line Under The Word.) Like a fair few people, I’m a big fan of avoiding confrontation – it can agitate people. One or two people who have observed me on occasion have noted my tendency towards […]

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A Word On Peacemaking

Among the many aspects of the blessed, Jesus highlighted that peacemakers are blessed by being referred to as sons of God. It’s interesting that this aspect of the blessed is not always emphasised. It still seems as though I can go looking for God to bless me and restore me and all that other good […]

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Concern and Action

Wringing hands. It’s an interesting gesture and it has its place from time to time. Yet sometimes I think it’s an excuse to cover up for inactivity. It’s the physical expression to support the verbal chunterings of how ‘things were better when …’ and ‘how things are getting worse and worse’. There is something about […]

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My name is Christopher Dryden. I am a missionary from and for the Kingdom of God. Jesus hardly spoke about anything else. His entire life was about the mission – He was very clear about it.. He declared it, He demonstrated it. His call was for anyone following Him to also be about the mission […]

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It’s Admirable

Imagine that you and I are seated in the front room. We’re in those couches are armchairs designed to help you relax. Whatever refreshments we want are on the coffee table in the middle of the room, but we can just sit back and feel comfortable whilst some steady and smooth music plays in the […]

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