Who We Are and What We Do

If I follow certain narratives of history, I could get the impression that it was easier back in the day. Who is he? He catches fish. Oh so he’s a fisherman. Yeah. And that’s how it will be for the rest of his life. He’ll be rough and coarse and used to the struggle because […]

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Unfailing Love

You lied, despite all that was promised. You should have known better, but you completely denied all that and blatantly lied. That should have left you out of it. Yet you were still remembered and the promise was fulfilled. It could only be Unfailing Love. You tricked and schemed in a bid to let things […]

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About The Three That Remain

It is one of the most delightful pieces of text committed to manuscript. It’s an outline of what love is and it is the kind of love that transcends what a lot of times we think it is. This passage was read at the wedding of my wife and I and I have also heard […]

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Worth Admiring

Their allure is great at the start. The fire burns fierce. Then it ebbs, then it flickers, then it peters out. It was worth something at the start, but lost its value over time. Some would evoke feelings for it as though it was something grand, something brilliant, something with such an essence that drew […]

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