Wisdom. What a priceless quality to have in life. How will I know what to do with my time from day to day? Wisdom. How will I make a decision on a pressing issue? Wisdom. How will I respond to challenging behaviour from those who claim to love me? Wisdom. How will I engage in […]

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Are You Ready To Suffer?

There was an occasion as I child that I had to go to the dentist. I say I had to go, because obviously my Mum told me I had to go and to be fair, she did come with me. As the dental expert poked about in me mouth, I recall he did just one […]

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Prayer for Change – Light Shining

It is a dark world. That doesn’t need much in the way of explanation. What’s all the more disconcerting is that some people prefer it that way. Some revel in what takes place in the dark. Some believe they benefit from that scenario. Whilst making noises about seeking solutions and banishing the darkness, they really […]

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Benefits of Selective Hearing

There is this device used in stories about super heroes. Especially pertinent to those with heightened senses. The device goes something like this. The character who will become the super hero comes across whatever it is that makes them a super hero. Then there’s a stage of disorientation, it’s as though their senses are immediately […]

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