He Is Forever Faithful

So the other day I celebrated my birthday. To be fair, it was the longest birthday of my life. Most birthdays I’ve had last for a day – which is kinda what the point is meant to be. On this occasion, though, it felt as though my birthday lasted an entire week. This was largely […]

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A Word On Laughing

God has been so good to me. In any given moment there is a friend who can say something that will get me laughing. In the childhood days there were competitions between us as siblings to see who could keep a straight face and not laugh at the efforts of the others. Though I loved […]

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A Brief Word On A Big Book 

There is no Psalm 151. Unlike the continuation of the book of Acts where the good news is still being shared around the globe, there isn’t the same thing with the collection of Psalms. The collection ends at 150. That’s not to say there are no other great works written and included in this collection. […]

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Dryden Update – February 2017

January is over. Thank God. I did not hate January. Lots of positive steps occurred in the month, developments in one or two pursuits I have had in mind. One of my favourites is coming across the Anchor app. It’s not about ships at sea, thankfully, it’s a brilliant device for conversations and audio snippets […]

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