A Place for Grace 

It is only when I think of the grace extended to me that I begin to recognise just how crucial grace is for life.  There are times when people do some things and they are well up for the lambasting. Their behaviour was wrong, their attitude stank out the place, they should have had the […]

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Psalm 32 – Forgiven

There is talk about needing to forgive yourself. I understand that – it can be quite something when the biggest weight of condemnation is the one you place on yourself. Yet, forgiveness is not primarily something we should be looking to do to ourselves. First and foremost the issue of forgiveness should be seen in […]

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December Thanks #20: Perseverance

There are some truly exhilarating moments in life. Following Jesus has some points in it that are tear-inducing in its sheer joy and exuberance. It can get really marvellous. Of course it’s not always like that. Sometimes it can be confusing. Sometimes it can appear humdrum. Sometimes it can be drab and dreary. There are […]

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