Streams … for Restoring

Among other themes that captured my interest was the theme of streams. A group of us were considering how the theme of water is prevalent throughout scripture. There’s the connection to the Spirit that is evident and what water does in life as well is something that was highlighted and I took much encouragement from […]

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Gathering For A Change

Consider this scenario: It’s a Monday evening and you receive a phone call from a close friend (let’s call her Sarah). They inform you that a mutual friend of yours (let’s call him, John) is about to leave the country and you’re unlikely to see that person for a long time. So you and Sarah […]

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Gloriously Triumphant

When you’ve been oppressed by the superpower of the day. When they have taken umbrage at your efforts for liberation and sent their mighty forces to bring you back in. When all of this is upon you, it’s understandable that you can feel a little anxious. When you’ve been oppressed by financial and mental pressures […]

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The creation account in Genesis still fascinates me. It’s such an intriguing piece. There’s that bit in the recounting of the making man, formed out of the dust. Then with a breath into the nostrils he becomes a living creature. It’s just the image of a lifeless dust form animated by the breath of life […]

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Another Word On Time

I take it for granted that I was born on Monday 21st November 1977. I take it for granted because I don’t see any reason to interrogate that and consider things any differently. Likewise as I write this blog the time on the bottom right corner of this laptop informs me both of the 24 […]

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