Taking Relationships Seriously

I still forget sometimes how easy it can be to upset people. Something I take for granted in overlooking, someone else gets offended at. This is not about me justifying my actions or suggesting others are too sensitive.  It’s a reflection on my behaviour and the impact it can have on others. Yep, I should […]

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Keeping a Brother

Cain was expected to look after his brother and killed him. Killed him out of anger, killed him out of jealousy, killed him through ignoring the call of God to deal with his own issues rather than taking it out on his brother. Whatever you think of the historicity of the episode in scripture, there […]

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Psalm 32 – Forgiven

There is talk about needing to forgive yourself. I understand that – it can be quite something when the biggest weight of condemnation is the one you place on yourself. Yet, forgiveness is not primarily something we should be looking to do to ourselves. First and foremost the issue of forgiveness should be seen in […]

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The Choke Hold

Recently I had the privilege of sitting in on a small prayer meeting. The thing about settings where there’s a small number of people is that if those in attendance are interested it gives room for lively and engaging dialogue.  The nature of the prayer meeting gave space for people to share their prayer points, […]

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It is a Relief 

There are different types of Columbo episodes. One I particularly admire goes along the following lines.  As you know, because like me, you love Columbo, the show is not about guessing who did it. It’s about seeing how Columbo can outwit them so they may be duly caught. There are murders that take place, however, […]

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