About The One Cup Experience

Why do I drink? Someone got me thinking about that very simple question. If it was all just about survival then we wouldn’t really need to drink anything other than water. There is something more to drinking that surviving. There’s something about it that can be about enrichment and stimulation. What it can do to […]

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Year Three – Resurgence

One of the things about faith that’s very reassuring is that aspect of reaching the end of yourself. There is so much in life that gives the impression that you can do it. you can achieve it. You can put in the effort and gain so much from it. You have it within you, you […]

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Teach It Do It

When he had said this, he called out, “Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand.” (Luke 8:8) In reporting what he had researched on the life of Jesus, Luke got in the rhythm of portraying a man who was demonstrating as He was teaching and the demonstration reinforced what was taught. Luke is writing so […]

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