Working Towards

There are some hints and themes that pop up that give an indication of what might be there to work towards. The tabernacle was glorious and then the temple was glorious. Both of them were put together in ornate and considered fashion. They were splendid constructs designed to be a focal point for the presence […]

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Protect Them

Why did they need protection? There is a prayer in which Jesus asked God to do something for His disciples. Protect them. Jesus did a good job keeping all those that were given to Him except for the one that was destined for destruction. They believed in Him and He took them to be His […]

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About The Season’s End

Times must change and so do we. The nights are a good indicator. The days seemed to go on forever. From the dawn to the dusk was hours and hours of relentless light. It was such the norm that the days and weeks that elapsed made the whole time appear like a very long. So […]

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About Intolerable Mediocrity

Perfectionism is not healthy. It can blind us to beauty in the simple. It dulls the taste for the glorious in life that can be found in the flawed. Where scenes can evoke euphoria and lighten the load of life, the aura of perfectionism can rob people of that joy. In getting rid of perfectionism, […]

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About The Call To Be Unsettled

Rest. Peace. Sat down. Wonderful terms. Beautiful concepts. Blessed assurances to be found in Jesus Christ. In the unrest and discomfort of life, it is a profound and encouraging truth to find rest and peace. My Dad must have a good relationship with Jesus. He exudes a degree of calmness and serenity that I have […]

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