Following A Follower

Good people to follow are people who know how to follow. I had the great pleasure of sitting with a good friend recently. He was sharing about his work situation. He works for a major supermarket. He is not in a position of management, but his approach to work has seen him recognised by management. […]

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Simply Different

There is right. There is wrong. There is good. There is bad. Where’s the life? What makes Him so different for me was that in as much as He can answer questions about right and wrong, His existence was more an issue of answering the question where is the life? The life evidently could not […]

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A Shape Of Things To Come

Word in for the word out. There are different ways that the word gets in you. It can be read, it can be heard, it can be seen, it be felt. Of the various things that makes its way into the system not all of it to allow us to be the better for the […]

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Before We Begin

The story often begins with the phrase, ‘Once upon a time’. That’s how it begins, but if we pay attention there was something before that point. It’s where we started the story, but that’s not always where the story starts. Sometimes in digging around, there’s a fascinating lead up to the story we know. For […]

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Working Towards

There are some hints and themes that pop up that give an indication of what might be there to work towards. The tabernacle was glorious and then the temple was glorious. Both of them were put together in ornate and considered fashion. They were splendid constructs designed to be a focal point for the presence […]

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Protect Them

Why did they need protection? There is a prayer in which Jesus asked God to do something for His disciples. Protect them. Jesus did a good job keeping all those that were given to Him except for the one that was destined for destruction. They believed in Him and He took them to be His […]

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