Reading It Together

I love reading scripture with others. Whether they are outstanding orators and dramatists or those struggling in their reading. I love it because through it – just the reading of it – I get so much more than just reading it by myself. There’s something to be said for giving that a go as a […]

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What Does The Scripture Say?

You read it one way, he reads it another way, she reads it another way and they don’t even think we know how to read it which is why they go to somewhere else where one person wrote the text which makes it a lot easier. Then others suggest we don’t need an ancient text […]

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Dramatisation: You Ever Done This?

You can’t put everything that’s in the Bible in a play or a television production or a movie. Genealogy for a starter would be tough to portray. There are parts of Scripture, however, that lends itself beautifully for dramatisation. You ever read those narrative parts in a way that was captured in a visual manner. […]

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