Warm Things Up

The temperatures have really plummeted. Even if it was the winter it would be really cold, but to be experiencing this in March just seems crazy. It is the reality, though, so it’s a case of how to keep on living despite that. It highlights what a blessing it really is to have a house […]

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Affirming the Blessed

It has been a fair few centuries since He said it, but I wonder if the church He died for would recognise and affirm those He referred to as the blessed. Those 8 characteristics are as counterintuitive and countercultural now as they were when He shared them with His disciples way back then. Sometimes in […]

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December Thanks #01: Family

Blessed. What a word. What a thought behind the word. What a delight in the thought behind the word. The more I consider the word, the more I appreciate it as a relational thing. Someone blesses me – that says something about the person and their connection to me. Being blessed is no even so […]

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Resting in Blessing 

It occurred to me recently that there’s something immensely relaxing about being blessed. Knowing how God has blessed me and continues to bless is something that takes a great deal of pressure off. It takes it off because He is more interested in me being a blessing to others to reflect His character. He provides […]

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