Dryden Links: Encouraging Enterprise

My Mum was an entrepreneur.

To the best of my recollection, this was not something that was overtly encouraged and supported by her immediate peer group. She was set free to explore what that looked like after a spiritual renaissance she experienced that opened her to seeing Jesus’ call on her life in the next stage after her devoted and faithful service to home-building.

As her children now reached a stage where they could look after themselves and were not as dependent on her, so she received the release from God to explore the various ideas she had stored up for expressing the gifts, abilities and talents that could be of benefit to others. This led to her exploring a number of opportunities some that thrived tremendously and others that were not as successful.

I never got the impression from her that this was primarily about money-making, although that was an important part of what she did. What appeared to me to be the driver for her was recognising that being a resourceful woman in the Kingdom of God could be displayed in a variety of ways. It did not have to confine itself to the regular, the normal or the conventional.

It’s one of my greatest delights in life to see people recognise their calling in God and see that displayed in a variety of ways especially tapping into the spirit I know God gives some for entrepreneurship. Reading this article about biblical entrepreneurship is so useful as well to get the grounding on such matters.

I encourage you to read the link whether you’re that way minded or not. If you are it will certainly encourage and affirm the godly path to take on the issue. If you are not that way inclined it can open your mind to understand about it and look to share it with those who may not have considered it as an option to express what God has given them.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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