Journeyman Journal: Work and Rest

Jesus the Son of the Living God recognised there were times for full on intensive work serving others and the need for intimate time away with the Father. He was particularly aware of the need for those who were with Him to appreciate the need for rest at times.

The example He set for them was deeply enough embedded in them for them to share that with those who would recount the content of what we refer to as gospel accounts.

When we consider this, it’s worth exploring whether we apply the same degree of sensitivity to our own ebbs and flows in life. There can be times of intense activity in service to others requiring a significant amount of strength, patience and wisdom. The approach with others cannot afford to be ill-considered or short-tempered. You cannot operate at that level of intensity all the time, though. It is not healthy and it is not wise. In as much as you might think you’re serving others, it can easily transpire that the quality of service you’re putting across can be, at best, lacklustre.

It is one of life’s great disciplines to rest – truly, properly rest and follow where Jesus leads to make the most of the time for refreshing, restoration and reinvigoration. This is why understanding that the Lord is your Shepherd, should be of utmost importance. He is leading you and that leading takes in a variety of settings. As you are led, it is worth seeing again that leading is as much to places of feeding and rest as it is to go through difficult circumstances appreciating how His rod and steel comfort you.

God, help us receive your wisdom to see your leading and to recognise the times you provide to be intensely on business for you and then be equally sensitive as to when it’s time to stop and rest. Help us because we won’t know know otherwise. Help us so we can truly be fruitful and flourishing in the journey with you.

(Photo by Sid Leigh on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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