Journeyman Journal: The First Hurdle

To obey requires overcoming a hurdle. At least one, but there’s always the first one.

There is something about overcoming the first hurdle in obedience.

He calls and the issue is do you trust Him. Can you get over yourself and get all into trusting Him to be true to His word? In that discpline for the day. I that approach to the commitment you made. In that vital relationship in which you have to exercise grace and patience.

The first hurdle does not seem much to you in retrospect when yuo’ve considered far more challenging hurdles, but there is more than the truth that the journey starts with the first step. There’s also the truth that the journey builds momentum as you overcome that first hurdle.

That applies just as much to different projects as t does to the whole journey. There are coffins full of wasted dreams and potential. There are stories that can be told of people who could have done and been so influential in their relational spheres, but becase they didn’t get over that first hurdle, they remained ever aspiring but never progressing.

This is where the relationship with Jesus is so important. Valuing Him and growing in appreciating Him. Seeing Him as a supreme above everyone and everything else. Praying, worshipping, adoring, studying and listening to Him keenly. And employ that to see His strength in you enable you to overcome that first hurdle. You will never claim credit of having done it on your own. You will know fully well that success in that first hurdle is the foundation in success getting over every subsequent hurdle and in every step of the right direction.

It all starts with that first hurdle …

(Photo by Andrew McElroy on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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