Journeyman Journal: Expanding Horizons

It is easier to manage and handle if things are within your grasp.

Often then, the deal is easier if what there is to manage is reduced to fit what you can manage and what you can handle.

The journey walking with Jesus involves a degree of stewardship where you have a good idea of what’s in your sphere of responsibility. There is a difference in this walk, because the more you get to know who Jesus is, the more there’s a recognition that just as God isn’t there to be reduced to something you can manage, so knowing Jesus is an ongoing and ever widening experience.

One year you read the story about the prodigal son and left with one perception of Jesus. Another year later you see something else about who Jesus is in the story which deepens your knowledge of Him but also broadens you appreciation for Him. Still another time later on, that which you thought you had down comes at you and reveals even more about who Jesus is in ways that humble, excite and amaze.

That is not to lend itself to the idea that you can read whatever you like into whatever you read – there is something that God reveals in His Word about who He is. It is to say that what He reveals about Himself is not to get us to reduce Him to something we can manage or handle. It is to lead us to the point of wonder and praise at just how glorious and magnificent this Creator of the universe is and how it is that He still chooses to relate to His creation as a father engages with His child – if we turn to Him, place trust in Him and learn from Him.

The goal is to know Him more and more and thus broaden the horizons that are ahead as you follow Him. As that happens, so there is something that happens to your character and even your view of yourself. It is not hampered by faults flaws and failings in the past and the present. It is liberated to do whatever it is that He has called you to do in the knowledge that He who calls you to do it is faithful to see you through it to its completion for His glory. You’re not at the centre of the story and you’re not the goal of the journey. With your focus on the One who leads you and by His Spirit desiring Him becomes more and more natural. He honours that and draws you even closer to have those horizons broadened further as to who He is.

It might very well be easier to manage and handle if things are within your grasp. It is far better to let go of that desire to control and instead allow yourself to acknowledge being in the hands of the Almighty. Leave it to Him to be in control and in charge.

Leave it to Him and walk in amazement in His company on the journey.

(Photo by Luke Moss on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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