Journeyman Journal: When He Calls

Leave what you know. Leave the comforts of home and follow me.

When He speaks, the desired response is obedience. There is, however, plenty of opportunity for debate and second thoughts. There can be the initial novelty value of the call. It’s inspiring and intriguing. There’s the opportunity to be on a journey. There’s the chance to see what wonderful new things might be ahead. There’s the promise of provision. It’s all exciting at first.

Then there are those second thoughts. Those creeping doubts. Those nudges that perhaps things are better staying just as they are. Maybe there’s no need to mess up a good thing. You can’t always be sure that making the move will lead to security. Better the devil you know as the saying goes. Look at what you worked so hard to develop. Is it worth giving all of that up?

What will your friends say when they find out? They’ll think it’s odd, right? That you would give all of that up. There’s the risk of losing the respect of some. They might think you’re a bit flaky, that your character wasn’t up to staying the course on what had been built over that period of time. Then there are those who have invested so much to support you to get to this place. The thought of losing all of that, to go on this journey.

Listen to them appeal to you to stay in subtle ways and blatant. How needed you are. What good you are. How the job isn’t over yet. How you are the one that can make the difference as you have for so long. How you would be a great loss to everyone.

So when the call comes in to leave to obey is not as straightforward as it appears.

When He calls, though, there can be no turning back. When He calls, it is to Himself and to reinforce the relationship that you acknowledge to be the most important in your life – for He is your life. When He calls, there is no guarantee of ease of passage and trouble-free progress. There is no promise of facing no resistance from within and without.

When He calls, though, the promise of His presence and the urgency of staying where He is has to override all other concerns. It does come down to the issue of who you want to please more – yourself and the comfort of the opinions of others or the One who is your life.

It is not a one-off decision either, even as the call is not a one off experience.

The challenge in the journey is the response you give when He calls.

(Photo by Anthony Shkraba from Pexels)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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