Follow One Course Until Success (Part 1 of the FOCUS series.)

It was my cousin, Paul, who sent me a message with that acronym. I had not come across it before. It came at a very good time for me as well, with so much going on in my life. This acronym, this instruction for life gave a renewed desire to truly be obedient to the one that called me to follow Him.

Trailblazers are famed for setting a path that has never been set before. As such these pioneer types establish a track for others to follow if they wish to experience success. Innovation is delivered by such types who are willing to go into what is considered to be the unknown.

There is still room for trailblazers, pioneers and innovators in the world of being disciples of Christ. Generation after generation brings about individuals who enable their generation to experience fresh ways of experiencing God and enacting His works. This is a wonderful thing to behold and reminds us that journeying from the world of sin to the Kingdom of Light is a journey from the old to the new.

For all of these positive aspects, however, being disciples of Christ remains about following Him. That means He is ahead. That means He is the one that walks the path that we follow – how innovative and pioneering it may be to our peers. He is the one that goes ahead, He is the one that beckons us to follow Him where He leads.

We do well to acknowledge these truths. The truth is that following Him calls for movement. The truth is that following Him calls for us to trust Him as we go where He tells us to go and how He tells us to go. The truth is that He enables and equips us for every aspect of the journey, so it is not for us to lean on our own understanding. The truth is that He is the one to follow – He alone.

In the light of these truths we submit to Him and give up any claim to have the right to determine our own course of action. We are not the captain in the ship, it is no longer our vessel to pitch to whatever destination we choose. That is not the way of the Master, that is not the method in which we can ever esteem Jesus Christ as Lord.

The invitation to follow is as exciting today as it was for the fishermen, tax collectors and other unlikely suspects that were called to leave their familiar worlds, to embark on the exciting journey with Him. There is so much to value and treasure as we obey this instruction.

It is because there is one ahead of me that I can make progress. It is because He is trustworthy that I can trust Him. It is because He who started the journey is faithful to see me finish it, I can be assured and able to submit to the Lord who leads.

The desired outcome of the journey can be realised as long as we FOCUS.

(Photo by Tamas Tuzes-Katai on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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