That Place

Some have it in their mind. Some have a physical location. Some use it on a regular routine basis. Some only get to access the place infrequently.

There is value in having a place.

That place.

A place for recuperation and restoration. A place for reflection and rejuvenation.

Life can be relentless. That is not always about the pace necessarily or even the volume, it is about the nature of the issues and the demand they make on emotional and psychological energy. Some think it’s healthy to just go from issue to the other and even when they ‘rest’ at night or over the weekend, what’s really happening is shifting around those demands in their head.

That place.

When you are led in life there is a purpose and direction. There is stimulus to move and in being led, there is also an awareness of a need to stop. To rest. To cease work. And to consider what it is to be served, to be attended to, to be given the space and time to be repaired and have those internal mental injuries addressed.

As well as that, it’s good to also look back on the things worth being grateful for. Being led in life should indicate a degree of movement that can be reflected on. Any progress might be down to your effort and that does not have to be dismissed, but overall there is being thankful for grace to move on and help others too. All of this can be considered in that place.

That place.

Where your activity is no longer central to life. Where you can appreciate the beauty and wonder of all that is around you. You can appreciate that which is beyond you which you did not bring into being. The sky. The air. The ground on which you walk. Life itself in its splendour and complexity. No need to do anything other than applaud and celebrate.

That place.

(Photo by Anders Jildén on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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