Joy in Relationships

It’s good being in his company.

It’s not because he’s clever – that’s a useful bonus from time to time, but it’s not his brains that makes him such good company. It’s not because he’s generous – that’s wonderful to know and very touching from time to time. There’s more to it than that.

It’s the joy that he brings to the relationship. It really is as simple as when I am sad, he makes me glad. Not glad in a glib way. Not chuckle to forget about circumstances and not think about it. Not this guy brings a sense that light is present even in the darkest moments of life and even as the tears of sadness pour on the outside, the heart is reminded that there are brighter days ahead, there is a reason to keep on keeping on. It is the case that with him, the reasons for being sad and miserable are acknowledged but counteracted by a grace that brings a smile to the soul.

When I ask him how he’s able to do it, he just gives credit to the Jesus. He talks about how knowing Him has changed His life to find the joy n knowing how good it is to have this kind of life. He’s not one of those who think that you have to see the good in everything or have a positive outlook to everything. That’s not his thing. I’ve seen him be angry to the point of rage at the injustices and expressions of unrighteousness that he sees corrupt and pollute. Yet this is not his constant mode. He took on seriously the encouragement to think on whatever is true, noble, right, pure, excellent, admirable, lovely or praiseworthy. He said it gave Him such a glow on the inside, that He couldn’t stay glum, couldn’t remain in a pity party. It also motivated him when it came to relationships to endeavour to spread that joy.

It works for me for sure. There’s a guy who brightens up my day whenever I think about him. The thought of that guy really brings a smile to my face. He also reminds me that to experience that kind of joy on the inside is not designed for self-preservation. It’s a gift that’s been given to share with others.

He does a great job of it.

That’s why it’s good being in his company.

(Photo by Everton Vila on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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