A Peter Profile: 01 Why Peter?

There is something so fascinating about exploring someone’s life.

When I read a good biography, the writer engages me to a really deep degree in terms of trekking the life of the subject in question. The ups and downs, the influences and the detractors, the successes and the failures, what others would not know or pay attention to and a fresh perspective on what’s already known. Good writers shine the light on the person in question and then does a great job in reflecting that light back on myself to check where I stand, what I can learn and what I will do next.

The life of Jesus Christ is undoubtedly the most fascinating ever. In His time on earth, He did not write anything to be retained, yet His life has inspired thousands and thousands of words written about Him. There is a great collection of books written about Him both before His earthly arrival and after his ascent from the earth. That’s as well as the words written about what He did when He proclaimed and demonstrated the Kingdom of God. He taught and healed, He preached and fed, He rescued and He inspired.

A lot of what we know about Jesus’ time comes from the recollections of those who were with Him. It’s intriguing to see Him through the eyes of those that were with Him. It’s just as intriguing to see the impact His life had on them and what that can teach us today considering the lives of those shaped by being with Him.

In 2018, the life of the fisherman, disciple, apostle and pastor Peter came to the fore in a way I had not appreciated previously. This was, to a large degree, down to a marvellous sermon series called Simon Peter: The Reed and The Rock delivered by the recently departed outstanding British Bible teacher, David Pawson.

In 2019, Peter popped up again in the light of how influential his epistles were in my life over a period of months.

What both episodes subsequently inspired in me of late was the exploration into what we find out about this man. A profile, if you will. Taking the opportunity to see how Peter gives every believer hope when they fall and a standard to how they should still look to learn and grow in pursuit of being like Jesus.

As a result, I’m eager to share this profile on this blog for us to explore together what this remarkable man can do for us as we look to follow the most remarkable man who Peter rightly acknowledged as Lord and Messiah.

You’re welcome to join and invite others to join this exploration through what good writers have put down about this guy, Simon Peter. All in the desire to deepen our delight in the One who made him a fisher of men.

(Photo by Fredrik Öhlander on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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