He Would Say That

He would say that, though, wouldn’t he.

People shrugged when they heard him complaining about his situation again. He had been in that state for years and was not slow in telling people how bad things were for him. At first people would sympathise with him. It was after all a tough situation. After constantly hearing it, the sympathy would wane and be replaced by a weary roll of the eyes and eventually an apathetic shrug in hearing the story for the umpteenth time.

Well he would say that.

Someone took time out to challenge his perspective on his predicament. Someone challenged him on why he chose to make his situation a sob-story and drama with him at the centre of it all. Someone called him out on how he was the centre of the attention in a story that never seemed to be going anywhere.

Those challenges, those hits on him certainly struck a nerve with him. At first he was defensive and defiant. After all it was easy for others who wasn’t going through what he was going through to have those opinions and ask those questions. He was the one going through it. He was the one that felt it.

Someone asked him to consider another perspective, where he wasn’t the centre of things, but where someone else who could make a difference was the focus. What if he stopped internalising the narrative and perpetuating the perspective of the cycle of despair. What if he could commune with one who knew what he was going through and was able to offer a different perspective. A perspective of hope. A perspective of purpose. A perspective of constructive persistence.

That thought got to him. That hit home.

Was it an overnight turnaround? No. Over time he learnt from others and took a step away from being the centre of the story. Over time, he grew to learn more about who was worth being the centre of the story. As he dwelt on that focus and discovered for himself how much more beautiful and worthy that new centre focus was, his perspective changed.

Indeed by the time the miracle happened and his circumstances were forever dramatically transformed, it came as little surprise to him because the faith-filled perspective had got him considering better. It was as if reality caught up with his new destination.

And he never stopped telling the story of how Jesus had changed his life. He never stopped making a big deal of Jesus and who He was in His life.

The same folks who had been weary of him had a new disposition. There were warm smiles and expressions of thanksgiving hearing this man share how his life had been made new because of Jesus. Some of them chuckled to themselves as they saw his enthusiasm and said to themselves …

He would say that, though, wouldn’t he.

(Photo by Tyler Lastovich on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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