Returning to the Basic Ingredients

What we did at the beginning was meet and pray.

At that time it was just in one of the homes. We’d meet up, have something to eat and drink, talk about life both the subline and the ridiculous. You could really sense the development of relational bonds between us though. We were getting used to each other and we were getting used to what it was like for us to get together.

After the general chit-chat, someone would get us focused through either a song, or a prayer or another reading. That would centre our hearts and minds on expecting to have an encounter with God and from that also looking for what we could share for the benefit of the others.

That’s what it was like at the beginning.

Someone told us that when we grew then we should expect some drastic changes to all that. We’d start to look for larger premises for us to meet. Perhaps we’d need to invest in music and media a lot more. Then we’d probably need to get departments and set ministries organised. Then we’d have to think about getting someone to be paid full time or at least part-time to look after everything. That’s what we were told would happen as we grew and things changed.

Before long, with the best of intentions, we wandered far from the basic ingredients of who we were when we started. Some activities eventually took the place of other activities. Boxes were being ticked on a lot of areas of ‘success’ and yet …

… it felt like we had got away from what the very foundations of why we started it in the first place.

Some were happy with what was going as we ‘grew’, they felt it was what success was about and were keen to keep it going. We didn’t want to be a hindrance to that. We parted on amicable terms. They went from strength to strength.

Meanwhile, we went back to the basic ingredients.

(Photo by Calum Lewis on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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