What Words May Come Of This

Andrew didn’t usually take his laptop with him.

He was usually content with a large notepad and a few pens. This time, though, he felt it necessary to take his laptop with him. His reasoning was that seeing as though what he would be writing would more than likely contribute largely to the finished product, it made sense to put it on a format that he would be able to edit and move around easily.

This was still new to him. All of this.

The journey for starters. He still didn’t know what got into him to make this kind of journey, but it appeared insistently to him that this should be the case. He did the research for the location. He found a decent place to stop over for the three nights. He made the booking for the location and then he set about mapping out the journey. Over five hours with three changes to make – this was not going to be a quick and straightforward route. He would definitely need to ensure he was well stocked with reading material for the journey.

Then there was the arrival at the location. He had made no hard and fast plans for what he would do when he got there, but as soon as he arrived he went to his place of residence and when he saw the view from his window, his mouth stayed open for a while. That view. The river, the ships, the architecture, the skyline. A place in recovery, getting over past setbacks, grasping for future opportunities realised today. In turmoil and in transition.

He closed his mouth only to open it again and utter a prayer. A prayer of thanks. A prayer for guidance. A prayer for wisdom. A prayer for inspiration.

Whatever plans he might have had to go out and about were immediately cancelled. The desk was positioned at a great angle for him to set up his laptop, get the blank document on the screen and then look out at that view.

Look out and wonder … what words would come of this …

(Photo by Emre Gencer on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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