Carl’s Dedication To Work

The work is not a curse. The work is a blessing.

When viewed in that light, Carl had little problem giving himself over to it. When he saw that the work was something from God that would help the lives of others and be received as acceptable service to the Lord, Carl kept that firmly in mind and renewed his efforts.

He applied himself diligently to the task at hand knowing that it contributed to the work that was a blessing. He didn’t need to much in the way of motivation. Just the reminder of what it was to God and what it did for others kept him to the task. A task he produced with joy because of what he knew was ahead.

This attitude was particular helpful when his employers made taxing demands on him. As he saw that this was something dedicated to a greater power than that of the men who ‘paid his wages’, he sought his Eternal Boss for the strength and wisdom to manage expectations and carry out whatever he could whilst not forsaking his family responsibilities. Others complained about the exacting demands of the employers, but Carl knew better than to raise a fuss on the matter.

He was no pushover. There was a hidden resolve that would emerge whenever conversations with management sought to abuse their position of authority. He could calmly and clearly convey his awareness of his limits and theirs in a manner that was not disrespectful but neither would it engage in foolishness. The management learnt over time that they would not get away with mistreating Carl for the sake of slightly improved ‘results’ for the month or the quarter. When they gave Carl the space, they discovered that he would exceed their set targets for him purely down to what they perceived to be his self-motivation.

Carl knew better. It wasn’t self-motivation at all. It was the view time and again of the Lord who created him to work and gave him this opportunity to work that spurred Carl on to not accept what had been achieved in the past, but pursue excellence in what was before him. Whatever others said about it and the wages he earnt and all that noise, Carl rested on a fundamental truth that kept his dedicated to work:

The work is not a curse. The work is a blessing.

(Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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