He Will Do What? You Must Be Having A Laugh

No wonder Sarah laughed.

One of the three visitors turned and told her husband that in a year’s time they would have a child. That was crazy talk. Did those visitors see how old her husband was? Didn’t they pay attention to how she wasn’t a spring chicken either? Man that time of child-bearing had left her a long time ago. Giving birth? Her? In  her condition? From him? At his age? In his condition?

You must be having a laugh.

A year later, Abraham and Sarah were having a laugh alright. That’s exactly the name they gave to the son that they both laughed at the thought he could ever be. But there’s something amazing and incredible about the Lord who can turn your scornful laughter of doubt to a joyous laughter of delight.

Maybe there are things we laugh to scorn thinking that it could not possibly happen. Maybe the laugh is bitter with remorse at how circumstances don’t appear to give any indication that any good can emerge. Perhaps the laugh is heavy with past failed efforts that hardened a sense that those hopes and dreams were flickering embers of a flame about to die.

This is why it’s worth addressing that question – is anything too hard for God?

Then maybe when we co-operate with him, he’ll turn our mourning into dancing again and lift up our sorrows. Then maybe as we participate with Him we won’t stay silent but will sing as our joy comes.

Then we can chuckle with God as He has the last laugh.

(Photo by Ben White on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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