Always Something There To Remind You

Here’s the tragedy about Solomon.

It’s not as though he wasn’t made aware.

First of all, he has his parents. When he mentions about the influence of his parents in Proverbs, it’s not creative licence to make up stuff. You know Bathsheba would have told him enough about the way of wisdom. Then there’s his Dad. King David is your Dad. One of the greatest psalmists of all time, is your Dad. One of the most beloved figures in the history of the nation is your Dad. One of the greatest warriors in the history of your country is your Dad. Also a man who made a massive error and saw his family devastated as a result is your Dad. As well as that a man who despite the error, kept a record of integrity and uprightness and that heart ever desiring God – that guy is your Dad.

As if that wasn’t enough Solomon has his own direct interaction with God for himself. It’s not something through prophets, it’s not through something read to you. It’s something that occurs to you personally and you even wake up from it and before you think it’s just a passing dream there’s evidence to suggest that the encounter was real.

As if that isn’t enough, Solomon has a second encounter with God after building the temple for him. Everything is looking good, the house is a splendid one and God has given His approval in a clearly unmistakeable way. Now here is God saying that it’s all good to have the house, but for it to last there has to be ongoing commitment, there has to be ongoing dedication to the God that made it happen for the Dad and is making it happen for the son. It’s essential to remain true and faithful.

There is enough of those reminders kncking about. And what happens to Solomon?

And what happens to Solomon is supposed to act as a warning to those of us who are in the privileged position of seeing what happened to him. It’s supposed to drop the mega hint that there are more than enough reminders aroudn us that all that’s good comes from God and to cherish that goodness to acknowledge that it came from God and look to be faithful to him.

And because we’re liable to forget, He places reminders all around us. There will be that news piece that we hear or watch about that guy who appeared to have it altogether who got entangled in a mess. There will be your friends and family that will mention things that trigger the fact that you know better. There is the Word that is packed to the rafters with God speaking and not just to Solomon or David or the Apostle Peter or the church in Corinth but also to us who read with the knowledge that God is the same faithful God who looks for faithfulness from us.

I am likely to forget. I have forgotten. And He reminds me. He is rich in mercy and kindness to forgive and restore, the point is, however, to access that mercy and kindness to trust Him to enable us to be faithful.

There is always something there to remind you.

(Photo by Laura Fuhrman on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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