If I Have Found Favour

I like the word favour.

I am also keen on the word favourite.

So reading scriptures is a pleasant experience when it comes to those episodes where one person finds favour in the eyes of another. There’s a particular episode in scripture that I came across that really made me smile a big old grin of delight. (Feel free to express the grin.)

Esther. Her nationality is not revealed to the powers that be and it’s not relevant until the pertinent point. So here she is this woman who has been carefully and considerately raised by her Uncle Mordecai. When the king is looking for a new wife, he has a search put on for the best candidates for the position. Esther is among those who are considered and for the process, she submits herself to the wisdom of some of the king’s people in charge of the process. Her attitude, character and that tendency to take on good advice are among things that meant she gained favour in the sight of those people in charge of the process. When she presents herself to the king, he takes great delight in her.

In fact for the rest of the book, there is no indication of anything other than Esther finding favour in the sight of the king. This is not something that Esther takes for granted, even to the point of daring to present herself in his presence without being requested – an act that could have got her killed – she took care to dedicate herself to the King fo the universe, before she presented herself to this king. The way the delight of the king is to Esther is so breathtaking – he would give her anything even up to half of his kingdom for her.

And you also know she doesn’t take it for granted, because each request she makes is based on the premise of if she had found favour in his sight.

Today, some people might have a problem with this approach. They might think it’s demeaning, or puts certain people in a poor light of inferior. It’s a pity they think this way, because there’s such beauty and wonder to discover when you find favour in the sight of another. It’s even more delightful when that favour is cherished and honoured in  a character that is only desirous to put that favour to good works.

I am blown away with the love the Father has for me. It’s the most breathtaking and tear-inducing reality to absorb. He loves me enough to give me that which is most precious to Him – His Son and His Spirit. And now because of both I have a right relationship with Him. It allows me ongoing access to Him and a conversational relationship that means I can pour out all my sorrows and anxieties as He pours into me His joy and peace. It’s brilliant.

Not only that, but the amazing thing is, as I meditate on His word, seek to apply the right counsel He offers to cultivate that relationship with Him, I can make requests to Him. I don’t have to beg Him, because He takes delight in answering if I abide in Him and His word abides in me.

For all of that, I love to take the pleasure to approach him and make the request, if I have found favour in his sight. It’s a wonderful privilege to take especially because the request is not as important as His presence, as His being an active part of my life as Him leading and directing.

That’s among the reasons why I’m such a big fan of the word favour.

(Photo by Mel Tank on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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