View: Up and Alongside

Apparently the view changes as you grow up.

There was this thing about growing up in my childhood days. First it was about actual height and then it was the perks of what comes with being a grown up. As the middle child in the family, I’d look up to my sister as she got those perks at first. And we were looking at what appeared to be the perks from what our parents did. You know, things like staying up until later than we did and having money.

In those years, then, it was about looking up – to my sister and to our parents. Then when I got to the awkward transitional years, I wasn’t so much looking to my parents as I looked up to grown ups who were younger than my parents, but appeared to have the life. I was too timid to actually feel I could be in their company, but I would still look at them and look up to them, all looking forward to the day that I could be at their level.

I’m still looking up to these folks when time continues to elapse and according to some, I am of a level. True story, one or two even began to look up to me as though I was someone to look up to. As I was busy looking up to others, I didn’t see these other folks looking up to me as folks to look down to. I saw them as people I wanted to see alongside me. Alongside me to look up to others.

It got to the stage, however, where some of those I looked up to, suggested that I accepted the fact that in as much as I was still looking up to others, that now – a husband, father, quality Liverpool supporter and a devoted follower of Jesus – should apply what I’ve learnt in looking up to others to get others to see who to really look up to. Those I admired were always pointing me to Jesus and saying He was the one to look up to and notice as I looked up to Him, here was someone who was willing to come alongside those who followed Him and even took the form of a servant to come underneath them and help them up.

Where we look up and how we look up can make the difference as we want to do this growing up business. The posture we take as we look can support others as they come across to perhaps one day look up to us.

And all we want to do essentially is to look to Jesus with the living hope that one day we will be like Him for we will see Him as He is.

(Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L,. J Dryden

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