The Process and the Turning Point

I know my Mum was praying for years.

Both my parents were praying, don’t get me wrong, but my Mum in particular was very clear in her prayer for her children. We would sometimes have family prayer and every now and then we would hear Mum make that prayer for her children. And she didn’t class us together, she took the time to be specific about us individually.

There’s much I can say about how things happened, but as I sit and write about it, I know there were certain situations that led to the decision to follow Jesus and take it seriously. Take it seriously to the point of having a faith that was distinct and one that wasn’t just about what Mum and Dad said, but what I kew God to be saying. It wasn’t about a dramatic Road to Damascus experience, but there are points I can refer to that were turning points in the journey.

Now I look at my children and I look at others in my sphere of influence and my heart is inclined to pray for them. Not pray for simple solutions and quick fixes. Not pray as though I’ve got the great answer to the situation. No, pray that God will let there be turning points in their journey and with each turn there;s a path ever more towards Him in their life story. It’s not just my story of how the process can begin and develop withturning points. I am all the more eager then to hear stories from others about those turning points that led them to the reality of the beauty of Jesus and the glorious Kingdom He promises.

(Photo by Lukáš Gejdoš on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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