Are You Really Ready?

You know what’s annoying?

It’s being told that someone is waiting for you and turning up only to discover that the person apparently waiting for you is clearly not ready for you.

One of the first parables of Jesus that I remember really sinking in my head is the one about the ten virgins. Now I was so naive about it that I had no idea what a virgin was and why they would be going to a wedding. Thankfully, that wasn’t the gist of the parable. The deal was that they were all invited to the wedding and had to wait for a while and then when it was time to show up only five of the virgins were ready. The other five were clearly not ready.

There’s a bit more to appreciating the parable than that. A lot more. But that’s there.

Some of those virgins acknowledged and appreciated that it wasn’t just about waiting – it was about being ready while you’re waiting. It was not about being in a position where not being ready cost you.

This is a lesson that is always applicable for me. In the waiting it’s ensuring that I’m ready for what’s about to happen. There have been times when the opportunity has come and I’ve not been ready. I can say for sure that missing out is one of the worst feelings in the world.

So it’s great to ensure that you’re ready, you are prepared, you’re anticipating so that when it happens you won’t miss out. Now I say that knowing full well that there’s no such thing as being ideal for every situation. Being a parent and being married are great stories of never being perfectly prepared for what you’re about to receive. For all that, there are still things that can be done so that if the call comes you’re not left floundering and wanting more time to get your stuff together.

So things won’t be annoying for you or anyone else.

(Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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