Against The Run Of Play

My daughter’s team were really under a lot of pressure.

They were getting battered by the opposition. Chance after chance was raining in on their goal. It seemed to be inevitable that my girl’s team would concede at some point. Watching it, most observers would say if any team was going to score it would be the opposition.

Then my girl’s team score.

Out of the blue. No one could have seen it coming. Not even the team that scored. But there it was. They scored. Not only did they score, but they went on to win the game too. Remarkably so.

I looked at the game and thought to myself, isn’t life like that?

For years sin had me battered. One particular issue just appeared to dog me all the time. I felt so morose about it. Whenever I thought I was over it, it would come in battering me again and again. To all intents I was onto a loser where this issue was concerned. I felt trapped and didn’t see any hope. Any moment now the defeat seemed inevitable.

Yet completely out of the blue with no hint of it in sight, Jesus came to the rescue. Not just in the moment by offering relief, but offering hope for the future. Hope to say that this issue would not get the better of me. Hope to say that I could experience victory over this issue again and again. Not only that but I can see that the game will turn out very differently to how it appeared at the start.

Despite the battering, against the run of play, Jesus comes in and gives me hope not just of scoring against the opposition, but trusting Him to win the game overall.

It’s something that I see often in the lives of others who were counted out and disregarded as though they had nothing to offer. Just when the battering would appear to be overwhelming and defeat inevitable, the amazing love of God comes in against all odds and delivers them to something far greater than their opponents could have ever considered.

It’s a reason to have hope when life appears to batter you.

(Photo by Aline de Nadai on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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