Walk On Through The Wind

When you make a decision to head for particular destination, obstruction and resistance is inevitable.

You take one step forward and someone questions why are you taking that step. You take another and people are now criticising you for a series of steps that just appear odd. Wherever you don’t answer a question convincingly, they will come back and suggest taht it proves their point that you don’t know what you’re doing. Step after step there’s more talk after talk.

Talk – energy expressed in words that blow their way to you. The wind of derision. The wind of criticisim. The wind of doubt. The wind of unabashed resistance to your desire to make steps ahead. It’s all talk, it’s all hot air. But get enough people doing it with enough conviction and intensity and it could be a proper obstruction to forward movement.

It could be.

What enables you to continue to walk on despite all the wind against, is the knowledge of the hope that’s ahead of you and even more reassuringly the Spirit that is in you, propelling you forwards with words of encouragement.

They will tell you that you cannot afford it, but the Spirit will assure you that the provision has already been made, it’s just for you to walk to it. They will tell you that you will get in trouble if you even dare to do it, but the Spirit will assure you that there is no power and no trouble on earth that can ever oppose what you’re walking towards. They will tell you that you are inadequate for the task and snipe at every failing, but the Spirit will remind you who equips and enables as well as restores and reinvigorates. You adequacy is not found in your own resources. It’s found in heavenly riches.

This is the only way you’re able to make progress. It’s the only way you’re able to walk on. In fact such is the support of the Holy Spirit that the very wind that was meant to resist you in your walk will be turned around to that which will support you in your walk. The doubts they sent your way will be used as a testimony when you succeed. The bitter and hurtful words, will be used for praise in the overcoming power that allowed you to succeed.

You can walk on in the wind with the help of the Spirit and the living hope ahead.

(Photo by Ivan Vranić on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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