There’s A Golden Sky

It was difficult to see him endure suffering for so long.

This once strong and vibrant man, now brought low by age and debilitating disease. Very tough to watch him go through it. At times I felt it was humiliating and there were those who had been used to seeing him bouncing along being helpful and kind and to watch him like this broke their hearts.

Yet in the few salient moments of clarity he had, he would utter a word of praise to God. He would commit himself once more to the God who made Him. He would remind me that His hope was in Christ alone and that the story didn’t end here. I remember some of the last moments I had with him as his bed gave him the view outside, he could see the sun-set. I took in the picture of him gaze outside at the golden sky. In as much as the setting of the sun seemed to decree the end of this great man, there was something in his eyes that said it wasn’t the sun-set I should be looking to.

When he finally went to sleep for the last time, as the sun rose the following day I reflected on that reality of how God operates. It was in the darkness that He called light. It was the light that conquered darkness. It’s why He set up lights to govern because they’re the constant presence and reminder that no matter the season it’s the light that rules. It’s the light that defeats the darkness. That’s the bigger story.

The storms can come and make things look in pitch darkness, but the golden sky reminds us that there is something to look forward. There’s a living hope that makes things worthwhile as we cling on to it. One day all the suffering and pain will be over and we will forever be celebrating in the light of the golden sky.

(Photo by Stanislava Stanchy on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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