Don’t Leave Them To It

There’s a lot of respect for the individual.

In fact there’s a great concern not to be seen to be imposing anything on an individual. Every adult should be left to reach their own decisions and conclusions. That makes a great deal of sense.

When it comes to learning to live the life of Jesus, though, there’s not a lot of room encouraged to be left to your own devices. In fact the set up is deliberately structured to never flourish when an individual is left to their own devices. The very issue of being part of the Body of Christ means connectivity, means your life has a direct bearing on the lives of others. That should mean that, without being nosey and fussing as busybodies, the welfare of our brothers and sisters should be of paramount importance to us.

It’s interesting then to consider certain models of gatherings and relationship dynamics that although have regular meeting and casual interactions, don’t always promote the level of relationship inferred when we talk about being a Body and being a Family. Sometimes more importance is placed on the structure looking like it should without operating as instructed. Indeed sometimes that structure resembles other familiar organisations other than a dynamic interactive all-functioning Body or deeply relational, loving family.

One thing to identify that, another thing to work on it. It’s not a hopeless case at all. There’s glimpses and samples to indicate that what was instructed from the foundation is still leading to the building of the spiritual home God was looking for.

A good first step, however, is to once more go back to those insights on how the masterful work of God is supposed to operate. And also how implicit in that we’re not supposed to leave individuals to it.

(Photo by andrew welch on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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