September Season Starter – A Dryden Update

It has been a couple of months since I last shared an update. Quite a bit has happened since then.

The big news for us was a family trip to America. God made the way (and I really mean He made the way) for us to make the journey to the States. For four of us it was our first time across the pond. The youngest one had already been there on two occasions and her time there made her a bit of a celebrity when we spent time there. Of course saying we went to America is as vague as saying we went to Africa. So to be a bit more specific, we spent some time based in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Every time I hear that I can only think of the Billy Joel tune about the place. Of course I behaved myself and didn’t sing the song or make reference to it whilst I was there.

The rest of the family were able to spend just over three weeks there, but I was there for just over ten days because of commitments back in England. The time there was very eventful. I got to meet my wife’s family and her Dad is the Don – he is a real gentleman and a real wise man and it was a pleasure spending time in his company. It got to the place where he like my own Dad set a style of life that I wouldn’t mind being like when I get to that stage of life. My wife’s sister and her family were terrific hosts and though we were based in Allentown, we also got the privilege of attending a youth conference in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Overall the time spent there was good and I learnt a lot from the experience. Indeed there were certain critical developments made whilst we were there that will affect things now that we’re back in England. Significant developments that I hope to share in the weeks and months to come. Put it this way, the theme of a living hope might dominate proceedings for a while.

August has been dominated by that, but there was also the results from the students I had the privilege of tutoring in the last academic year. I’m delighted to say that the student on the whole did very well indeed. There were a number of results that were particularly outstanding considering the stories behind them. It’s very encouraging in preparation for the new academic year and hopefully more students to support in their development and being ready for their exams.

Hence September is the start of the new season in so many ways. New relationships to develop, even better work to put in both here on the blog and elsewhere. Exciting times for what will open out as we apply ourselves in being faithfully obedient.

It this is your first time reading one of my blogs, thank you for your time. I know there are those who have read a number of these blogs and have prayed for me and supported the family with their prayers and kindly left likes on the entries from time to time. Thank you so much for your support whatever level of engagement you have here. I am very grateful for it and I ask for it as much as you can going forward.

Here’s to wonderful new season of serving and sharing!

(Photo by Jukan Tateisi on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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