Celebrating Consistency: A Blog Retrospective


Before I appreciated faithfulness, there was the term consistency.

My Dad is the first model of consistency I have. Subsequently I’d appreciate the faithfulness too, but it was the consistency at first. Certain things would be done every day. Certain things would be done every week. Certain characteristics could be expected in response to certain scenarios. Commitment to do and be in given situations. I knew consistency was in effect on the very rare occasions when things didn’t happen.

The thing about consistency as well is that it was not something noted for its purely routine nature. My Dad was consistent because it was part of his being to be consistent and it’s something he did out of his expression of delight and joy. I say his expression, because my Dad is not a really overtly emotive person.  Yet when I reflect on those years growing up at home, my Dad was not a robot, he was not doing things out of duress, he did what he did because he took pleasure in it. He did what he did because he loves God.

What am I talking about consistency for? Since I started blogging over a decade ago, I always admired the bloggers who produced content on a consistent basis. Whether that consistency was daily, weekly or monthly, that ability to produce content with such reliability was something I nodded my head in satisfaction with. I also appreciate that having content to produce consistently around the other challenges of life is not easy at all.

Writing is something I have a passion for and it’s for readers to determine if that passion is a genuine gift. Blogging is something I am so grateful for and it’s an outlet for the passion for writing that I have. Unsurprisingly, consistency in blogging is something important to me. For better or worse I’ve committed myself to producing content on a daily basis. Let me state, that does not mean I blog daily, it means that my desire is that the blog produces content daily. This is why, thankfully, the blog has the ability to schedule posts in advance. That has been such a helpful tool for me.

All of that as the set up to celebrate that recently this blog noted that an entry had been posted for 365 days in a row. At least one post, consistently published every day for the space of a year. I’m not patting myself on the back, I’m giving God thanks for this accomplishment. I’m thanking Him for the consistency. I’m thanking Him that the last day that this blog did publish a post was August 30th 2018.

There is a reason why each entry has the signature that it does. I’m not looking to blog primarily for self-gratification, I look to do it because I believe God has given me a delightful opportunity to do it. I endeavour to do it for Him.

It’s not to say I beat myself up if I don’t get a blog published on a given day. Life is too short for that. It is to say I rejoice in the faithfulness of God to grant the opportunity to do that. Life is too short to miss doing that.

(Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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