Praise: Let Him Have It

One of the most underrated activities a follower of Jesus does is praise. It’s an activity that when I come across it in scripture, I’m always struck by the time and detail the writer will go into defining and outlining it. There are times in life that praise is something done out of routine without […]

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Dryden Shorts: Remember That Song

Those opening chords did it. No one was singing yet, there wasn’t even a beat. Just those opening chords and you remember the song, you remember where you were, you remember the tears, you remember the very feeling of emptiness that was acknowledged by the power of that whole song. Just those opening chords. You […]

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You’ll Never Walk Alone

Apparently I am supposed to be a self-made man. I should be able to look back on all my accomplishments and achievements and be able to proudly say, I did it my way. I should have the ability to pull myself by my own bootstraps and be able to tell society that I am a […]

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With Hope In Your Heart

There was a time when believers dispersed around an empire needed something to help them. Help them in challenging circumstances. In that setting, one of the men who would know a lot about challenging circumstances gave this message for encouragement, Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! According to his great mercy, he […]

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Walk On

You’re allowed to mourn. You’re allowed to let it hurt. You’re allowed to take a break to acknowledge the pain and the loss. The tears are allowed to flow and the questions should be thrown out there as to why. There is no guarantee that the hurt will go away. There is no promise that […]

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Walk On Through The Rain

When you make that decision to go forward, one of the things that is set to thwart you is when the rain falls. When the rain falls, perhaps you should wait until it abates. When the rain falls there’s every chance that you’re going to get soaked and who really wants that. When the rain […]

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Walk On Through The Wind

When you make a decision to head for particular destination, obstruction and resistance is inevitable. You take one step forward and someone questions why are you taking that step. You take another and people are now criticising you for a series of steps that just appear odd. Wherever you don’t answer a question convincingly, they […]

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