See It Then Live It

Can you imagine this?

You’re a great leader. You’re at the forefront of a movement that has seen you defy all the odds. The greatest power of the day came to nothing because of the meek and humble approach with which you challenged them for the sake of justice.

Now a people that were oppressed for generations could step out from the darkness of slavery into the bright sunshine of liberty. Not only could they now take steps to self-determination, but they have a future to look forward to – a future and a place of their own. That was ahead, but it would take a journey to get there. A journey that you are given the privilege to lead.

Yet just at the cusp of taking them into the land of promise, you’re told that you won’t be able to cross over into it. You get to see it, but you’ll never set foot into it.

Imagine that. Seeing it, but never embracing it.

Or can you imagine this?

Your people have endured years of corrupt and immoral leadership. The state of the country has fallen and that decay is seen in its religious duplicity. It’s best days were always found in faithfulness to the God who had delivered them from slavery. Now they have seemed to have turned their back on him in favour of gods from the neighbours that encourages a wickedness that the country has not seen before. This is led by the King and the Queen of the country – the Queen in particular has ushered in the degrading idolatry and the King has actively encouraged this whilst getting away with murder. You have witnessed this and you know a change needs to come.

You are entrusted with the challenge to this corrupt regime. You’re the one who is able to send a clear signal for the whole country to know that there is only one God of justice and righteousness who is to be served. You prove that in an unmistakeable way. Yet the status quo won’t go quietly.

You’re then told that their end is coming, they will be removed from power and their power base will be utterly wiped away. You’re told all of this will happen and given and insight, but you’re also told you won’t be around to be a part of it.

Can you imagine?

Can you imagine being able to see something, but not beable to embrace it, to be a part of it or to live in the better day?

Moses and Elijah had the privilege of conversing with the transfigured Jesus about what he was about to fulfil. Personifying the law and the prophets, these two figures in particular were rightly hailed for their great work on behalf of the one true God. Great figures with great stories of great faithfulness and service to the Lord. Yet both only got an insight into something they were never around to be a part of.

That’s a sobering thought. Also why it’s worth taking God seriously when He calls for faithfulness on our part. We get the support that with God in us and for us, we won’t just get a glimpse and in insight into the coming Kingdom, we can actually inherit it and eternally enjoy it.

Consider it.

(Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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