Maybe Reverse The Order?

Good friends really are priceless.

There was this conversation I had with a good friend. In the conversation we recalled an intriguing practice in certain church settings.

There are some who believe that church is about the people, not really about the buildings or other things. It’s about the people and relationships. Despite that, the main gathering is based around a lot of people singing together, but not really relating to each other. Then they listen to announcements and give money, but not really relate to each other. Then they listen to someone talk at them for a while, but not really relate to each other. Then they had a chance to respond to whatever it was they were listening to, but nor really relate to each other. After all that, in some circles, there’s a closing prayer … And then there’s the chance to relate to each other.

My good friend was saying that what would really be quite something is if the order of things was reversed. What if people gathered together and spent the bulk of the time after prayer actually relating to each other. What if the people gathered together to receive the end as a welcome. A welcome to exercising the gifts and abilities given by God so that they can build each other in their faith. Sharing life, eating and drinking especially sharing the bread and the wine. Then from there, at the end, if there’s a need fr any talky-talk, then that could happen.

That’s what my good friend suggested. It reminded me of something I read somewhere …

(Photo by Sophie Elvis on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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