It’s good to be reminded of certain truths.

This came about after an episode with my bank apps. Bank apps – a blessing and … well, it’s not so much of a blessing when you’re entering into the store and get your basket or trolley ready to get what you know you need and just check the affairs on the app and discover … that you might need to put the basket down or the trolley back. It won’t be necessary. Thank you bank app for sparing me the embarrassment as well as thanks for highlighting …

In those circumstances it can be easy to be glum and think that things are not going as well as I would want. Then God reminds me.

My parents were not rich at all and we were not able to get all the latest aspects of the house, but there was never a night that we went to bed hungry. That was a blessing. A blessing because God provided.

Getting to university wasn’t straightforward because of the variety of challenges it would take to get there. Yet every one of those years were spent being able to go through and eat, be clothed and sleep under a roof at night. That was a blessing. A blessing because God provided.

Moving to the middle of nowhere a while after university was a big challenge. There wes no job or house to walk into. There were no funds to rely on. I didn’t know many people in the area. Yet I was able to eat, be clothed and slept under a roof at night. That was a blessing. A blessing because God provided.

For all the superficial things I was wishing in a wife, a woman came into my life who proved to be a good friend, a strong confidante and a prayerful, spiritually sensitive soul came to my side and agreed to spend life with me as my wife. I was given a woman beyond my dreams who went on to endure some trying times as a wife and only grew in faith in God and in the marriage. That is a blessing. A blessing because God provided.

Three beautiful daughters were given to us through this union and each of them are able to go through a day and get to bed under a roof with clothes available to them and able to eat. That is a blessing. A blessing because God provided.

That’s just the tip of a vast iceberg of episodes in which whether in material, emotional, relational or spiritual ways God truly looks beyond my faults and sees my needs and provides for them. Consistently, faithfully, persistently.

The peak of all of those areas of provision is to see that the loving heavenly father gave His only begotten Son to take the sin of the world and rise triumphantly from the grave and those that turn to Him receive from Him the precious holy spirit that rose Him from the dead. This truth is particularly impactful when bank apps inform me that I might be financially inconvenienced for a while. That truth reminds me that there is something of much greater worth than what comes out of a bank. That my source for life and meeting needs has never been a bank. The same God who gave His Son, gives His Holy Spirit, gives His angels, gives His wisdom, gives His family to support – this same God will not see His righteous forsaken.

It’s good to be reminded of that truth and to trust God to know that He knows and asking Him is to place my complete trust in Him to give us this day our daily bread.

(Photo by Ales Krivec on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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