Prime Protection Policy

There’s this laptop.

When I got it, among other things it told me about when setting up was about the system I’d need to get a proper system use to protect it from viruses, etc. I didn’t pay too much mind to it, until the laptop began to slow down a lot.

A reliable source informed me that the reason for it being so slow was because there was a lot of junk on the system and it needed a decent protection software to be able to sift through it and sort it and get the laptop performing at peak condition again. I didn’t pay too much attention to that advice.

Then the laptop didn’t load properly at all. When it was sent it for a check up by someone who was good at what he did, I was informed that the entire system had been corrupted and everything would need a full wipe including a lot of information that would forever be lost – information going back a fair amount of years. At that point I saw how much it paid to pay attention earlier and put the right protection in place. I certainly experience how much it paid, but cost a lot to to get there.

The thing is, there’s a laptop and then there’s my life. On reflection I considered the capacity I have to be thoroughly corrupted with an entire system destined to clog up to the point that anything operable is done so slowly that sooner or later I’d be useless … or in need of a thorough wipe. In fact that option of getting a total wipe would be great to experience. The reality of life in Christ is that I am a new creation, the new life in Christ sees the old past away and all things become new. That’s a great thorough wipe to thing about. Even then, however, I recognise that I still am in great need of protection. Protection from the external junk that can corrupt my system. Also, though, there is protection from the junk that lies within that can emerge again to threaten my integrity. I need that level of protection that can truly safeguard me from the wiles of the wicked one whose desire is to render me redundant.

I need the protection and that protection is granted by the One who has made all things new. He sends angelic host to protect me from dangers seen and unseen. He gives His Holy Spirit to fill me within with knowledge, wisdom, understanding and power to remain in the way of righteousness. He has a whole armour kit set to ensure I’m read to take the stand I need to against the wicked one and for the Kingdom that I pledge allegiance to. He gives a family of brothers and sisters ever ready, willing and able to support in prayer and service to keep me protected.

David the Shepherd knew about how the Lord – His Shepherd – could protect Him even when He was walking through the shadow of death. There the Shepherd’s the rod and the staff that warded off the foe as well as kept the sheep in line.

It’s this prime protection policy on offer that does so much to keep us from falling and preserve us to be presented faultless to the Father.

(Photo by Ricardo Resende on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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