Hope Helps You Look Up

It’s remarkable how changing circumstances can affect us emotionally. Not remarkable in the sense that it really shouldn’t, more remarkable as to how it affects us in differing ways. There are some people I know whose whole mood lifts when it’s pay-day and that mood sags towards the middle of the month when they have […]

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Place To Be Who You Are

Ah the issue of identity. Some view it through racial, gender, sexuality and physical/mental capacity perspectives. Some believe it’s something that can be sorted all by yourself. There is something about having the humility to realise that maybe not being certain on everything about your identity is good place to start. And also understanding that […]

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When They Leave

What happens when they leave? There was this season where my wife and I were a part of this community group. We helped to form it with another couple. Over time we gathered a small number of people in the group and we were all committed to shared goals and values. At least it looked […]

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With What You Know

One of the things I find very fair about God is that He judges based on what you know. Knowing and being aware of something works in different ways for different people. A group of people can hear something announced, but not everyone is paying attention and so when something happens it shows which were […]

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Defining Success Again

There’s an episode in the earthly ministry of Jesus where a rich young man approaches him to find out what he needs to do to get eternal life. The episode is covered in three of the four gospels, you can read it by clicking here for the Luke 18:18-30 account. The aftermath of that encounter […]

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Help in the Faith Building

Recently I was sharing about how it takes more than time to build faith. It takes a lot of help. What follows are just some things that helped and helps me. Not that I’ve reached the peak and am the great expert on this matter, but looking back and looking around I can certainly see […]

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