The Importance of the Team Theme

One of the things I like about blogs and podcasts is the ability to check the archives.

I’ve been on a really extensive enjoyment of podcasts in recent months. I feel late to the party, but that’s not unusual. There are podcasts that I prefer to listen to the latest episodes, but some have me trekking back through the episodes recorded back through the years. It’s especially intriguing coming across material given for a particular context that still rings true today. (It’s also a great reason for reading the Bible, I find.)

There is a search function on this blog and if you want to have a look at anyuthing, type the word ‘team’ and check what’s been written on this blog over the years on the matter. Better to do that than necessarily drop some links here – just pick any entry you like on the subject, because it appears that team is a fairly significant theme.

It’s worth sharing here why the theme is so important to me.

I am a loner who appreciates only too well that the life of a loner is not enough to truly live. It certainly has its advantages from time to time, but God did not create us to be loners. Calling us social creatures and relational beings works a great deal and there’s more. Time after time we see the massive benefits from being not just a group of individuals working for the same organisation or two people who have gone through a ritual that pronounces we intend to spend the rest of our lives together. We see the real transforminig benefit from being a team – individuals combining and working together as a single entity for a united cause.

That in itself is not enough, however. There’s something about that particular united cause that makes the difference. I love it when we go beyond the surface sentiments and when our actions and intentions behind those actions are rooted in the desire to realise a united cause of the highest worth.

I love it because I’ve observed it. I love it because there have been those glimpses I’ve been able to experience it. A group of us – unremarkable in name, notoriety and other elements that the world would applaud – yet with that realisation of sharing a cause worth more than our lives. And in that realisation we band together with what we realise has been our various gifts. For a wonderful season we put those together, follow the call on us and … well … there’s nothing like creating lifelong memories of what happens when faith, hope and love inspire seeming ‘nobodies’ to be somebody special for others in need.

The beauty of life is found in its diversity. Teams come in diverse sizes and expressions, it’s a beautiful thing to see them for their time and season and see their influences on other teams. Even loners can find a place on teams that recognise their place and their tremendous contribution they can make to the team reaching its goal.

We were not made to be loners. We are individuals and that’s to be appreciated, but that individuality is not the be all and end all of life. Peace within is designed to make peace with others. And the peace from others is to help reinforce the peace within. That is the product of what takes place when we see ourselves as more than just self-interested parties looking to get ours from whatever we can negotiate with others. That is what happens when we see that there’s a lot more to life than ourselves.

That’s why the theme of team matters. That’s why it is so important to a loner like me.

(Photo by Margarida CSilva on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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