Those Are Roots

My Mum prays. My Dad studies.

My Dad is not a great intellect, he wouldn’t be called on for his mental prowess and academic acumen. That wasn’t my Dad. He was, however, diligent, meticulous and consistent in humbling himself before the word of God to pick out the words and understand what was going on. Night after night. Week after week. Month after month. Year after year. It’s the image seared into my memory. A humble man loving to learn in his own way.

My Mum is not the awesome prayer warrior that others might have been. The church didn’t rush her all the time when it came to people to lead prayer meetings. She didn’t have to draw that attention, though. She knew the power of the private space to pray and because we were her children, we’d get the insight into it watching her diligently, earnestly, passionately praying. Praying for her family, praying for the church, praying for the workplace. Night after night. Week after week. Month after month. Year after year. It’s the image seared into my memory. A humble woman loving to pour herself to God in prayer.

They set the example for me and showed me the benefit of prayer and study. Communication by text and verbal communication with the Creator of the universe. The source of existence, the vital connection required to actually live and not get bogged down with anxieties or distractions.

My firstborn came to me one evening and shared what she recalled from earlier in her childhood. It was almost a decade ago and she’s don significant growing up since then. Yet she remembered what I did with them. What I shared with them. What I engaged with them. She shared how for her it was her roots. Hearing that touched me at a deep level and allowed me to really appreciate how deep those roots were. She is a beneficiary of roots that go deeper that years and spans decades and beyond.

The point of the deep roots, however, is to see strong, flourishing and beautiful trees. Trees that show their fruit at the right time and are sustained in all seasons. I’m of the opinion that I haven’t quite peaked in my flourishing yet, despite how much older and more mature my daughters are becoming. So with the deep roots that my parents provided – roots not just in them but in the faithful loving reality of God – the hope is that I will flourish in thanks to all that my parents and my heavenly Father has done for me. As well as that I look to flourish as something for my daughters and others to look at and likewise invest in digging deep into the True Vine.

Getting planted there is truly understanding roots.

(Photo by Camille / Kmile on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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