If You Love The Caller

Means of communication. They’re quite something these days.

Send a tweet. Post a photo on Insta. Do whatever it is you’re meant to do on Snapchat (I leave that to my daughters). There’s still sending an email or connecting via video message. I hear there are still people who send letter through the post. As in handwritten letters. On paper. Folded and put in an envelope. Then they purchase a stamp. And put it in a post box. In the hope that the recipient will receive it eventually and read it and everything. (I gotta say, I’ve got a soft spot for handwritten letters, they are a genuinely sweet touch. In moderation.)

Of course for all that, there is still the good old telephone call, even such a call on a mobile device. What a blessing it is to have the option of seeing who the caller is on caller id and if we don’t recognise them they can always leave a voice message if they want to converse. Yeah, caller id is one of my favourite things. I have no shame in saying that if the circumstances are not suitable when the phone rings and I note that a certain person’s name pops up on the id, I am unlikely to answer it. I’ll call back … eventually … maybe.

Thinking about that, though, reminds me of the early days of my relationship with the woman that is now my wife. Before she was my wife, for a few years we were friends – very good friends. I liked her more than she liked me back in the day, but I wasn’t the sort to push that kinda thing. I was content being a friend – more than used to it with people. So we had this good friendship going on and – miraculously for me – a lot of that friendship was based on phone calls. I say miraculously because I’m not a big fan of phone calls at the best of times. Either face to face or text to text has always been my preference – voice to ear and vice-versa has been a bit of a drag for me.

Yet here was this beautiful woman and she wanted to engage in a friendship with me, for whatever reason she found me to be a good friend to share her thoughts and feelings. That’s how the relationship developed. She called and I would see that it was her calling and I’d be more than happy to answer phone and then engage in whatever the conversation would be about. Those could be some long conversations (as my Mum can testify seeing as though she got a look at some of the phone bills) because I loved listening to her, loved listening to her voice, loved listening to her share her heart and loved getting to know more about her. I loved it and I loved her.

Things have changed a lot since then, because now I don’t have to worry about the phone calls – I live with her, the hypnosis worked, she’s my wife and we share time together face to face. We barely ever need to call each other. Yet it’s something to reflect on those days of the friendship and getting to know her. Whereas it would be an issue for others to call, if she called it would be something I’d look forward to because I love the caller. To put it another way – because I loved the caller, I’d take the call.

Some of us make a claim to love God. We sing songs about loving Him above all else and like no one else. Indeed we like it when we get to tell Him stuff – tell Him we love Him, tell Him we worship Him, tell Him our issues, tell Him our problems in the hope that He fixes them. He’s good to us as long as He’s doing the stuff we tell ask Him to do. Indeed He does invite that aspect of the relationship – God is very much open to us rushing to Him with our issues, our burdens, our delights, our reasons for being grateful, our struggles. He’s all for that. Is that all that He’s after though?

Do we take the time to recognise the times that He’s calling? Do we love Him so much that we recognise Him when He calls and we’re happy to take the call? Are we even keen to develop that ability to listen out for His call to be able to take it and act on it?

Does our love for Him make taking His call a delight, however challenging the nature of the call may be?

The beauty of God is that He’s not limited in His methods of calling us. It could very well be on social media or through television or even through telephone calls. He’s calling, however, as creatively as through nature itself, through circumstances of life. Of course He’s even calling through the book we have that reveals Him in so many different ways.

In as much as He’s open for us to call on Him, are we as eager to hear the call from Him?

(Photo by Henry Be on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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