Remember Joy

Is happiness really the priority, are we really suppose dot be doing everything we can to be happy? I’m not so sure.

What I am sure about, is that life is far too short to take everything so overly serious. You think about your marriage, you think about your job, you think about the money, you think about the children, you think about the pension, you think about the friend suffering with cancer, you think about the other friend going through a divorce, you think about the school that doesn’t have enough resources, you think about the state of the economy, you think about the state of the leadership, you think about the quality of films, you think about the way they produce music today, you think about the price to go to that concert, you think about having enough time to see your parents and grandparents, you think about your nephew who’s struggling with life and contemplating …

I’m not belittling or diminishing these realities. I’m not at all. These things are really happening and they have a real impact on life as you live it.

The thing is, though, our approach to those realities can make all the difference. We can get so bogged down with those realities that we fail to remember something that was given to us from a very early age: Joy.

There was something in the way my babies laughed. All three of them. At that very early age, hearing them giggle, seeing that look in their eye. It wasn’t just fun. It was unmistakeable joy. Yeah there was glee and stuff, but those were expressions of unmistakeable joy.

Joy is something a lot greater than pleasure. Something deeper and richer. This is why cheap thrills and one off moments of gratification don’t touch it when it comes to joy. Ahhh but to experience it deep on the inside of you, even greater than that look in the baby’s eyes. Ahhhhh you don’t want to forget that. You want to savour that.

It’s just an encouragement for you, that in all the things that plague your mind from time to time – please, remember joy.

(Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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