The Importance of the Team Theme

One of the things I like about blogs and podcasts is the ability to check the archives. I’ve been on a really extensive enjoyment of podcasts in recent months. I feel late to the party, but that’s not unusual. There are podcasts that I prefer to listen to the latest episodes, but some have me […]

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Groups, Teams, Families

A lot of time is spent in the workplace. Apparently, for a lot of people, more waking time is spent in the workplace than anywhere else. So those workplaces expect the people who work there to get along as they get on with what it is they’re supposed to be doing. Groups of people together […]

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A Gathering: Here’s An Idea

Here’s an idea. But before the idea, here’s a few questions to consider: When they’re together, would you get the impression that each one has something offer that can help others? When they choose to meet, would you know that each one has a gift to share with the others? For some, they got the […]

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How Will This Team Play?

The Football Picture Sport – particularly football – provides a lot of pictures for me that applies to more than the game. One of the pictures that I considered lately, was the picture of two teams organised differently. Team A are built around one player – he is their key player and an outstanding talent […]

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Those Are Roots

My Mum prays. My Dad studies. My Dad is not a great intellect, he wouldn’t be called on for his mental prowess and academic acumen. That wasn’t my Dad. He was, however, diligent, meticulous and consistent in humbling himself before the word of God to pick out the words and understand what was going on. […]

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