Forces at Work

It gets to me as well.

An event happens, it’s presented in a way that arouses a strong reaction. It’s emotional and passionate. Words effortlessly come to the fore to describe the reaction.

It’s only later on in conversation with wiser people that I stop to reflect on that reaction. There is the chance to consider again the matter, how it was presented, other factors to consider and maybe a realisation that there was more to things than I initially thought.

Why does that happen? There are lots of reasons. Some about me and my worldview and disposition. As well as that, though, there is the growing understanding that there are other players in the operation. Unseen and often anonymous, it is their good pleasure to determine a narrative to evoke the desired reaction. That emotional reaction can leave a residue that could be useful later on to support an agenda.

“Are you one of those conspiracy theory types, Christopher?”

Nah not really. My perspective on life, however, has taught me that there are often forces at work. There is more to life than what we see. The conclusions we sometimes reach have not considered underlying concepts and the surrounding context of the given situation. It’s also failed to dig further and ask questions, certain questions that require us to go much deeper than we usually consider.

That’s a pity. But that’s the way of the world.

That approach of considering factors at play beyond what we see, helps me to stop just believing an emotional reaction to a situation presented in a way. Perhaps that initial reaction has merit, but it does not hurt to consider other factors.

It’s not conspiracy thinking at all to suggest at times that other forces could be at work.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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