To The Father: A Prayerful Reflection

Dear Father:

I will have no other god but you. I will not make any idols of anything in heaven, on earth or under the earth. I will not bow down to them or serve them.

For you are the Lord who took me out of slavery. You are the Lord who has redeemed me from the hands of the wicked one. You are the one who liberated me from the clutches of evil. You have not only taken me out, you have also promised a place for all those who remain faithful in you. Where I am headed is much more desirous than where I have been and where I am.

All this is because of you and you have even given your Holy Spirit as a guarantee that your promise is real and that everything you have said will come to pass. This is why life begins and ends with you and with you there is no ending. Trustworthy and faithful to the end I look to you as my ultimate role model and my hero.

So as I look at qualities, traits and elements of the stories of others I am searching for you. As I enjoy and delight in all that you do and all that there is, I am searching for you. If there is good to be enjoyed, it’s only going to be enjoyed by seeing you in it and celebrating how you are the source of everything good.

There is no doubt that my very identity is wrapped up in who you are and who you reveal yourself to be.Once more then as my life belongs to you, shape it and mould it after your will so that you will be delighted with your handiwork. As you make me fit for function and install me in the place where you want me to serve, so I’ll do so with a renewed desire only for your life to flow through me and others to know more about you by what comes from the sound mind, pure heart and clean hands that you give me.

Before my family, I offer up myself. Before anyone and anything else, I offer myself and reaffirm that there is no god but you. There is no one greater than you. You alone are my heart’s desire. You alone are the jewel worth selling everything else to treasure. Now live through me holy God and be glorified in this life

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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